Opportunity to Getting Facebook Co-Branded Certified in Pakistan

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Ayesha Zaman: Pakistan’s First Facebook Certified Woman

What makes businesses a thriving success in today’s day and age? Nowadays, we find a number of individuals who are willing to invest a lot of their finances as well as precious time to gain knowledge from just about anywhere.

To understand what they are trying to learn, they will expand their learning capacities to watching a number of videos on different educational platforms and may also follow a wide range of influencers on social media.

Ironically, what they fail to realize is that watching too many videos may lead them astray. On the other hand, following influencers on Social Media will more or less connect them with their social lifestyles rather than giving them some credible hands on knowledge.

Where Is the Gap?

Now you must be wondering are these the right people to follow? Where am I actually going wrong! I did subscribe their channels and got connected with them on social media. Then, my answer for you is this, yeah! These amazing people are success stories that you should follow in order to gain some inspiration from them. Maybe, they are the best at what they do, but what they preach is just the tip of the iceberg. You will have to explore the rest on your own.

Now you must be wondering what exactly should we be exploring here? What you should be seeking is to devise the perfect strategy that can help deliver the attention your business deserves. Are you tired of investing funds and going through a number of hardships, are you done with training on different platforms and yet feel unachieved! That’s where the gap is.

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Sign Up at SwishTag

Enough with the false claims from guaranteeing influencers. All there E-books and courses usually beat around the bush and never disclose the secret recipe of success. At SwishTag, we believe to deliver you the first ever most appropriate marketing education, the one you truly deserve.

Behold! SwishTag brings the first ever Facebook Co-branded Certification in Pakistan on Advanced level Marketing Skills. And there’s 50% off for the first batch only. Another exciting thing for the food lovers is the fact that premium high tea will be served on both days of the workshop. Learning is guaranteed because it’s not only the theoretical strategic workshop but an extensive hands-on as well, with group assignments and other fun activities. The workshop includes:

  • How to Get Better Job Opportunity as a Facebook Advertising Professional

  • How to Excel In Your Freelance Career if You’re a Freelance Marketer

  • How to Advertise and Sell Your Own Product/Service As an Entrepreneur

  • How to Increase ROI with Delivering Maxed Out Results to Clients

Do you want your business to fulfil YOUR needs with the right marketing strategy? So what are you waiting for, get under the wings of Ms Ayesha Zaman, a Facebook Certified Specialist born to help others dream big.


Only 25 Seats Left.

For more details and queries, please visit: Swishtag Facebook certification 

Content Breakdown

Day 1 Day 2
Facebook Page Optimization The New Ads Manager (Advance Level)
Creative use of Page Insights Hands-on practice session
Instagram and Facebook Buying Objectives Facebook Pixel for WordPress and Shopify
Prospecting via Audience Insight Pixel Based retargeting
Creative Hub for Content Inspiration  Hands-on practice session
Introduction to Ads Manager Asset management via Business Manager
Facebook Campaign Structure Hands-on Practice session
Facebook Ad Policies