This eRozgaar Trainee made $2,000 through Freelancing just in 2 Months

Started her freelancing journey just 2 months ago and she is earning more than $2000 every month!

Freelance writing and reviewing are popularizing worldwide, thereby writers interested and expert (in writing) see it as a means of lucrative livelihood. However, the trend of such earning through freelancing is almost missing in Pakistan, because of lack of trust in emerging online scams. In such circumstances, Sofia Khalid took a brave initiative to try her luck through freelance writing and reviewing. The start was challenging and chances were less optimistic, nonetheless, she kept on striving hard to accomplish the tasks assigned to her well in time.

The story of Sofia is not one of those regular types where a girl starts venturing by sitting behind a screen and a desktop, for Sofia! Writing meant the world.

As much as she valued creating content, the irony of life had its own set of events in motion. A mother battling cancer, a family requiring consistent attention, siblings hungry for guidance and the weight of responsibilities upon her shoulder. This strong personality never stopped from trying new and innovative opportunities. Upon inquiry, she would only smile and say, nothing is unachievable in life as long as you don’t give it a try.

Ever visited the ocean shores? The most amazing treasures are found underneath the trickiest rocks! That’s why nobody could ever discover them. The case with Sofia is the same. She is that treasure which was born out of necessity. Initially, she performed her active duties as a school teacher, until E-Rozgaar program showed her a new direction where she could cash her skills in a much better way through freelancing.

She became level 1 seller in Fiverr in a month:

She created a profile on Fiverr, a leading platform for freelancers. Apparently, it turned out that she was exceptionally good at grammar and that landed her sales worth $2000 over a time span of two months. It did not only motivate her to continue in the field of freelancing but also laid down her foundational siege to use a portfolio and create opportunities for many others in the freelancing business. However, it might not have been possible for Sofia, because after all she only heard about the online earning from people around; she never tried and tested it before herself.

Sofia Khalid's Fiverr Earning Report

Sofia Khalid’s Fiverr Earning Report

How did she make the regular clients?

The very first week, when she created her profile in Fiverr, she became disappointed because she was not getting the direct clients in Fiverr. Then she joined different groups on Facebook that were related to her skills like content writing and freelancing. She made her Facebook profile highly professional where she mentioned about her skills. From Facebook groups, she found different clients but the problems were that they were not willing to order her at Fiverr. She compensated with the rates and offered her clients even to pay less but to order in Fiverr as she had a long-term strategy in her mind. She was aiming at making her Fiverr profile very strong and for that, she had to do more and more jobs and to upgrade the level. She used to accomplish the tasks as per the clients’ requirements and in this way, she managed to make those clients regular. One of the clients that she brought from Facebook was From Bangladesh, named SK Sabbir Uddin. She always has a project in hands from this client.

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Freelancer Sofia Khalid Fiverr Earning

Because of her extraordinary skills, her clients have now increased the rates and see how she is climbing up the ladder step by step!

She got some project from Female Pakistani Cricketer as well:

From Facebook groups, a female Pakistani cricketer, named Aiman Anwar found her and she assigned her various projects. Sofia felt very proud of serving such a famous personality. It was really an honour for her that her skills had become so popular. This cricketer was so impressed with her skills that she assigned various projects to her.  Right now, Sofia is having clients from different countries like USA, China, UK, Canada, Germany, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

She has some direct clients as well other than Fiverr:

Not only she is dealing with the projects in Fiverr but she has some direct clients as well whom I could trust and whom she was assured about the payments. Actually, some of her clients were not willing to order her at Fiverr because of the charges. She thought losing the client would not be a good idea and so she’s directly dealing with them. She got one of the direct clients from the USA and some from Pakistan. She has earned more than $500 from USA client and the project is still going on. Pakistani clients also assign her projects regularly.

Although she set her profiles in various other platforms as well like in,,, etc. but when she started getting the projects at Fiverr, she did not have time to work on other platforms and she decided to make her Fiverr profile strong. She’s always busy in dealing with the content writing projects and that’s why she is not visible on other platforms.

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Such wishful thinking gets the job done for many, but in case of Sofia, it wasn’t a matter of nailing the tasks, it was more of a breathtaking, innovative journey towards thought-provoking exploration. From reviews to articles, news to press releases, email campaigns to web content, one after another, she conquered different objectives. It was not late until she realized that she is born for this thing.

Problems she faced in her Freelancing career:

We wanted to understand what are the problems that are keeping her hinged from grooming and growing out of her bubble and she revealed.

“First of all, my mother is my everything. The whole reason for going out of the way and taking the bold steps to chase new dreams is to help her in her battle against cancer. I try my level best to contribute morally, emotionally and physically to help her to pass through it all. It is one of the many reasons why I can’t think about moving out of my work sphere. When I was a child, I needed her, and now it’s time for me to repay her what she deserves, back. With my mother’s ailing health problems and my rigorous nature of the job, I could hardly give a total of 4-5 hours to my passion. It was not until Mr. Usman took the audacity to explain me the benefits of freelancing and how it can help me move forward. As my job required me to be persistent during the day hours, I am grateful to Mr. Usman as he shaved off his relaxation hours during the lateral part of the day and educated me on the prospects of freelancing efficiently. He not only motivated me to write but also helped me start up an online business of my own.”

Upon further inquiry she also revealed,

“Secondly, and it might sound a bit harsh, my siblings weren’t cooperative at all. It’s not because they don’t have the will to do it, but it’s because they are young and going through the development stages of life. I can’t blame them for that, but certainly paying expenses for their upbringing and completing the responsibilities at their edge shaves off a major percentage of my earnings. I hope they grow fast and become successfully strong in life… Because I proved them if I can do it! So can they.”

Sofia Khalid is a prodigy because she proves that success isn’t a tool of the trade. However, it is indeed achievable if you know how to work hard and how to work smart. She further revealed that e-Rozgaar played a vital role in making her storyline, a thoroughly ravishing success.

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We asked Sofia, what are your views on eRozgaar and she replied:

“E-Rozgaar is one of the most robust platforms to help individuals find a steady way in earning. I would’ve never thought of building my own profiles and landing a perfect job. However, with eRozgaar counsel and guidance, I incredibly achieved it. Powered by the government, E-Rozgaar is a stable platform creating steady opportunities for thousands of individuals and I am proud that I became a part of it. Thank you, Erozgaar for showing me the light in this dark, dark world.”

After all, it has all become possible because of E-Rozgaar that she has become a successful freelancer. Those 3 months have changed her thoughts, her living standard, her career, and most importantly, her life. She is just one of those hundreds of people who have been the trainees of Chief Minister Punjab eRozgaar program. In simple words, it is a very positive step that Government of Punjab has taken to enlighten the dark lives of many families and to make the people independent financially.


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