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E-stamp paper system is Launched in 14 Districts of Pakistan

E-stamp Paper System in Pakistan

The Government of Punjab (GoP) has marked another milestone in providing transparency and comfort to the locals by introducing E-Stamp Paper System in the province. This initiative is the result of joint collaboration between the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

What E-Stamping Actually Is:

E-Stamping is totally computer based application which serves to pay non-judicial stamp duty to any office of the government via an internet connection and without much hustle. They can be used with the property transactions both by the real estate agents and other major actors contributing in the transaction.

Go Live:

The Director General PITB unveiled the outline of E-Stamp Paper System and currently it is functionally up and running in almost a total of 14 districts, including 54 Tehsils and the services are being offered by 191 branches spread across the districts. The cities in which it has grasped initial attention after its first launch are Gujranwala, Lahore and Faisalabad. Other districts are being added and soon it will take over the traditional stamping strategies which not only cause havoc but also discomfort as well.

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In order to familiarize the real estate agents with the new E-Stamping Papers, training sessions are being arranged by the CDGL. By now, a total of about 50 sessions have been arranged by 1500 trainers hundreds of real estate agents have been trained to use the system and were also encouraged to provide the feedback.


In just over a hundred days of its execution, the taxation department of GoP gathered a huge amount of about 1.3 bn rupees and it is being said that via this E-Stamp Paper System, 76M rupees are being added to the government exchequer with every passing day.


In such a short time span, the total number of visitors who visited the E-Stamp Paper System site rose up to 165K, with over 2000 calls and 150K SMS have been entertained by now. The numbers are increasing with every passing minute and soon it will be the most trustworthy system and will be extended from a province to the whole country.