DoDear: Pakistani ISP Offers Free Softwares, Games and Movies

DoDear: Pakistani ISP Offers Free Softwares, Games and Movies

DoDear, an online portal of Connect Communications, providing videos, TV dramas, games, web, portal videos, music, torrents and much more and that too free of cost, took the nation by huge some two years back, in 2014.It was attracting a lot of traffic. But, unfortunately, it was shut down in 2016, when evidence surfaced showing this portal was hosting pirated content.

A country where there are not many laws regarding copyrights infringements, intellectuals properties, taking down a high traffic magneto ISP portal was a massive complicated but a very positive step. This step should have been taken as the evidence emerged, but it was not until 2016, when USTR, moved Pakistan‘s name in the list of Watch List in 2016.

Why was DoDear Shut down?

Offering pirated content is a high offence not only is it punishable by law but also considered highly unethical to pirate content from other sources. The main reasons to shut down DoDear were that the portal was offering web links to its customers, of uTorrent, BitTorrent and such. These websites were already using pirated stuff. Resulting in the shutdown of DoDear. Though it is still not confirmed if there will be any action regarding ISP, Connect Communication, or not.

DoDear alternative Sites to Download Movies, Games and Softwares:

These websites can be used as alternatives to the DoDear Portal to download Free Softwares, Games, TV dramas, portal videos, music etc.

  2. HD Movies Point
  3. Get into PC
  4. HD Pop Corn
  5. Ocean of Games
  6. Movies Counter