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How to Convince Pakistani Parents for an Entrepreneurial Life

Convince parents for Entrepreneur career
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A couple of weeks back, I was sitting with a friend of mine who was telling me about his plans for starting his career in business. While we were talking, a very unfortunate incident took place.

My friend’s father walked into the room, sat there and asked my friend to start looking for a job since he had completed his studies, but his answer was opposite to his father’s expectations. He clearly said that a job was not his cup of tea and he wanted to start-up his own business. His father was offended of his decision and gave all necessary details to support his point, but my friend did not come up with valid reasons and instead of talking calmly, he simply walked out of the room in anger.

The whole situation left me with a thought that why Pakistani children are unable to convince their parents of starting up a new set up? The primary reason for such arguments is the generation gap and lack of communication among both the parties. Children are unable to clarify their point of view about their new startup venture whereas parents are unable to understand their offspring’s’ perception and remain stuck to their “IDEAL” approach of making a living out of a job.

As a result of this tug of war, most parents encounter the victory and the children, instead of excelling in their career (defined by their parents), wreck them badly.

Therefore, in this article I have focused on the steps which one can follow to eliminate the communication gap, and how one can persuade his parents in a convincing manner about his entrepreneurial business initiating ideas without letting them down.

Why a Business is Better than a Job? Differentiate:

Firstly erase the concept of an ideal living out of a job from your parents’ minds by differentiating the job with the business. Tell them why a business can earn you a better living than a job.

Some points mentioned below will be very helpful for supporting your argument.

Tell them that a job gives you a small sum of money every month or week whereas in a business your original investment remains circulated and you get a handsome sum of profit every day. Besides, you don’t need to wait for a whole month just to get a few thousands.

Tell them that you’d find no time restriction in your own business but a job restricts you to follow the time order.

Lastly, you must try to inculcate in your parents’ minds that in a business you are the one in authority and you are the one to exercise control. Tell them that being in authority will not compel you to follow someone else’s rules, rather you’d be the one who will make rules and let others follow them.


Never show your parents any weak area of your business plan. Do the required homework and provide every detail to your parents. Show them the step-wise development of your plan and try to estimate the negative ideas regarding your plan in their minds. Tell them why you want to do a business and how many chances there are that your startup will be a success. Also tell them that why this is the time to start a new venture? Why not some other time.


Involve your parents in your business plan as if they are the investors. Do not underestimate them or their ideas whereas being an entrepreneur, you’re obliged to listen to your investors (who are your parents) patiently and carefully. Their suggestion might make your business plan more effective and increase its worth to a million dollars. SO BE NICE TO YOUR INVESTORS!


Show honesty towards your start up and do your work with lots of passion. Be enthusiastic and show your parents your passion. Convince them of your startup passion and never back out from your business after a few months as this will break the trust of your parents in you.


Put an effective business plan in front of your parents which forbids them to disapprove. Introduce them to a long term effective business plan and clear each and every misconception about your plan in their minds. Tell them all the major and minor details and never illustrate fantasies of getting more and more money in the very beginning of your startup. Keep things real and practical. Besides, bring to them a long term plan and show them that you have thought (your idea) through for the long term,for and not just what you hope happens in six months.


Understand and look at your business plan from your parents’ perception. See everything through the lens of their eyes. Understand and respect the place from where they came and use their values and talk from their viewpoint without loosening your ground.

This will make your parents comfortable with your ideas as they will think that your thoughts are similar to theirs and that you’re mature enough to begin. This will also make your parents believe that you’re actually doing something big and they will start finding themselves within you.


After all the communication gap has been eliminated and the required trust is developed then the parents themselves will see an entrepreneur in you. They will do financial investment in your business . Now the only thing to do is maintaining your investors trust by remaining honest with them.

We hope that you’d find this article helpful and will be successful in convincing your parents to do a business and to take a risk, because life is an adventurous roller coaster and we have no option than taking a risk and having a ride on it.