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How to Earn Money from Careem in Pakistan

Earn Money with Careem in Pakistan

What is Careem?

Careem is unknown to none. This wonderful cab service has made its name around the country within no time. With its day to day increasing popularity, it is assumed that it might prove to be a risk for rickshaws, taxis and other local transport services.

Careem was started off back in 2012 by Mudassir Sheikha and Magnus Olsson in Dubai. After being successfully run in the Middle East and North Africa, it was launched in Pakistan in early 2016 by Junaid Iqbal. Since then, it has become the favorite ride and top priority of the people here as it provides safe and comfortable journey at extremely reasonable rates. All you got to do is to install the Careem app on your smartphone and follow the instructions. Users can pick from the 3 car choices provided according to their budget, and select the time at which they want their chauffeur to arrive. The service charges pretty low bucks per kilometre which is why people prefer it over the local transport methods.

How to invest a car in Careem?

Investing a car in Careem is an excellent idea if you want to earn some extra cash. For this, you’d first need to book a car that fulfils all their terms and conditions along with getting a driver who is willing to put in a decent amount of time daily in this job. After the initial training session of the driver, you are all set to start gaining your profit out of this venture.

How to Earn Money from Careem?

There are 2 ways to earn money from careem.

1. Independent Captain:

You need a car, Smart Phone and License to join them as a captain.

Careem: Earn Money as independent captain

2. Supplier:

You can supply cars and earn some extra cash.

Careem: Earn money as supplier

Expected Earnings from Careem:

You can earn different amount of money in different cities with different Ride Types.

1. Expected Earnings in Karachi

Careem: Expected Earnings in Karachi

2. Expected Earnings in Lahore

Careem: Expected Earnings in Lahore

3. Expected Earnings in Islamabad

Careem: Expected Earnings in Islamabad

How to join Careem as a driver?

Everyone likes getting additional income along with their full-time jobs or studies. Especially for students, it is an excellent opportunity to work in their free time as a Careem captain and earn good money.

To register yourself with Careem as a captain, you’d require signing up at their website or contacting their head office. Once you’ve submitted your application, they’ll review it and invite you for a free training session where you’ll be given all the required instructions for working with Careem. After that, you can start riding.

Careem: Earn Money as independent captain

Registration Process:

To register with Careem as a Captain or supplier, Follow these steps

  1. Register your car.
  2. Captain Registration.
  3. Training Test of Captain
  4. Mobile app Configuration
  5. Welcome Abroad. You are all set to go.

Documents Required:

Following documents are required to join careem as a captain or Supplier.

Documents required to join careem

Which Care are Allowed?

Following Cars are allowed to invest in Careem.

1. Cars Allowed in Karachi

Cars Allowed in Karachi GO+

Cars Allowed in Karachi GO

2. Cars Allowed in Lahore

Careem Cars Allowed in Lahore

3. Cars Allowed in Islamabad

Careem Cars Allowed in Islamabad


1. Timings in Karachi

Careem Timings in Karachi

2. Timings in Islamabad

Careem Timings in Karachi

3. Timings in Lahore

Careem Timings in Karachi

Is it a good business to invest in Careem?

Deciding whether investing a car in Careem is a good business or not depends on the car you’ve opted for, and then a number of hours you’ve decided to ride the car. More the hours, more profit you will get out of it. According to the experiences shared by various Careem captains, it is evident that an estimated profit of PKR 30,000-50,000 can be easily generated from one car. If you can afford more cars and drivers, then you may earn up to 1.5-2 lacs and so on.

How much can a driver earn from Careem?

Being a Careem driver comes with a bunch of benefits. You are the owner of your car and have full authority over it. You get to earn extra money along with managing your studies/job. And the best one is, you’re not a DRIVER but a CAPTAIN. How cool is that?

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Your earnings depend on how much effort you are putting in. You can earn around PKR 3500 per day if you fulfil their guarantees. Cutting the fuel, maintenance, tax and other overhead charges, you can easily earn up to 60,000-70,000 per month which is a pretty handsome amount.

Successful business returns:

Successful business return from Careem is not a new story anymore. Many people have had and are still enjoying the experience of booking their cars for Careem and gaining the profit out of it. We are mentioning two such stories here so as to give you people a clear idea of how much on average can you earn from Careem.

  1. “Supposing you buy 5 cars and give them to careem along with a driver and they run for 16 hours at least per day then they’d be bringing at least 130,000/Car per month (based on what I’ve read and heard).” Deducting 20-30k for the driver would leave you with atleast 1 lac per month per car.
    For Details: Click Here
  1. “I have worked in Careem for about 6 months. If you have a car which fulfils the requirements set by Careem, you can earn up to and around PKR 60–70000 in a month after covering all your costs(Fuel, Driver Pay, Insurance, Maintenance) for that month.”
    For Details: Click Here