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China’s First realistic robot “Jia Jia” can Answer your Questions

The technology has been changing since the time the first gadget was introduced. People ensured that with the help of constant and continuous research, the scientists have been able to come up with some really amazing stuff that stuns the people at times. The life of a normal human being has turned out to be really effort free and now people have fond the easiest ways to be done with their regular stuff. First, it was the mobile phone that made it easier for the people to live their individual lives and now, the robots have taken over and helped people in getting done with half of their work. Initially, the scientists built the robots that were specified to work efficiently. However, with the passage of the time, scientists have moved forward and have come towards a point where they ensure that the robots made by them now work “better” and look the “best”.

Jia Jia cute Human Like Robot
Jia Jia Robot can smile like humans

What makes Jia Jia Robot different from others?

If the reports are to be believes, the researchers of China have actually excelled in their work and have manufactured a robot that is being called a GODESS owing to the fact that it looks amazing. The scientists that are associated with the University of Science and technology have come up with the point that they have finally made the most beautiful robot in the world that have the facial features of some of the most beautiful women in the world. The name of this robot is Jia Jia and is considered to be the most realistic looking Robot in the world. Once you have a look at it, you would find it really difficult to absorb the fact that it is not a good-looking girl but is a robot. In a meeting with Chinese researchers, Jia Jia alluded to her male makers as rulers and stressed over cameras making her face look fat. Remember that somebody endeavoring to copy genuine human cooperation customized this discourse. What’s more, the degree to which Jia Jia makes women appear to be resigned and picture fixated is even more alarming following the robot’s face can scarcely move.

The future plans:

The group of engineers, drove by the Chen Xiaoping explained the 1.6 meters tall robot had as of now gone about as an entertainer at two prominent national occasions on counterfeit consciousness this year. According to the developers, the new robot cannot change its face expressions. However, the researchers have ensured that with the passage of the time, they would look forward to come up with the robots that would display the expressions of sadness and happiness. At the same time, they will be able to cry real tears and feel the emotions. Let us all look forward and see if the researchers really come up with a robot like that in future or not! It is being said that this is the start of something groundbreaking and with such efforts, soon the world of technology will reach great heights.