Careem Rishta Aunty Service is a controversial Marketing Campaign and People don’t like it

Careem-Rishta Aunty Flop campaign

Careem is a transportation network based in Dubai with operations across 53 cities in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Careem has efficiently provided services to its customers and has always introduced something unique in the market as its marketing strategy. Careem now not only helps you find a ride to your destination but it also helps you to find a partner to accompany you on your future rides!

Careem has just launched the Rishta Aunty Campaign in Pakistan. Recently the careem users received a message early in the morning on their cell phones hoping to get some new offers in the rides. But what could be more shocking than this early morning text message?

“Your Rishta has arrived”

This was what the customers weren’t expecting from careem. It actually ruined the happy morning of many careem users. When inquired about the Rishta campaign, it was revealed that it has been a new marketing strategy of the car company to attract the attention of its users. Actually, the case is that a Rishta aunty accompanies you to talk about your marriage and potential matches. It’s a limited time offer, a new careem car type with Rishta aunty service at the doorstep.

Careem has always come forward with new strategies to be on top of the market. But this time Careem Rishta Aunty Stuff is a freaky marketing strategy which has somewhat annoyed its customers. Careem has been symbolized these days as the national phopho of Pakistan being prepared to hunt all the singles. The reaction of people on social media has been entertaining and trolling too. Careem is acting as an evil marketing genius who has introduced something strange in the market. Careem Rishta Aunty Service has turned into a Brand war, other companies have responded to the careem service in a different way and in a way led down the careem service.

Pakistanis are clearly unamused by this service as a number of tweets are criticizing the idea. Other brands have jumped into this scenario and have devised their own ways to raise slogans against this Rishta service idea. As per observations and social media review, there is a no from the majority against this Rishta idea.

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How Careem Rishta Aunty is a Controversial Campaign:

Here are the reasons why careem team has to look upon this campaign and should apologize for the “Rishta campaign”:

Rishta Aunties are one of the worst and most common forms of objectification of women in Pakistan and similar cultures face. By endorsing this Rishta campaign, we are endorsing and enabling objectification.

Careem says, what’s the big deal? It actually is a big deal because it shows how little as a company they understand gender dynamics and we can clearly say that there will be no females involved in this marketing strategy proposal. A serious action needs to be taken, as the consequences could be toxic for this culture. A reality check needs to be taken by the careem team.

Growing up in this Pakistani culture and environment, most people have dealt with rishta aunties and girls have experienced comments regarding their colour, weight, manners and got some liberal views too. Those women who go through this rishta process everyday have to cry afterwards with a heavy heart as the views shatter their personalities in an instance with objectifying comments and criticism. Whatever the idea was behind, but it has figured out main issue in our society regarding rishta process and its consequences.

As experienced by some users, the rishta aunty has some terms and conditions regarding this rishta procedure with a heavy amount demanded at the end with still no guarantee at her hand. What’s the point of then spreading out this cross culture message, especially for girls who go through this heart breaking process of rishta.

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As an innovative company enabling millions of people, this is the last thing careem should be endorsing, promoting and standing behind. Women have been common users of careem service; they cannot accept such marketing tricks. It would be more useful if careem could concentrate on their service efficiency and user-friendly services rather than making a controversial marketing strategy.

Some companies when start-ups with limited resources, often look for controversial content marketing works to stand out of the brand competition. Careem has used the same evil game to attract its audience and get the response from a massive audience. But the campaign has offended the careem users and it has gone wrong with their tricky game this time. Since the start-up, Careem has enjoyed lot of benefits from its users and audience through their well worked strategies. There have been many times when careem has been in the news stories; one time there was the issue to ban ‘uber’ and ‘careem’ service. Some say it was a made up story to be on the cover page. Then careem made Wasim Akram (cricket legend) as the honorary CEO, another marketing strategy. On another occasion was on the express tribune with some other stories. Now the rishta campaign has come up as a viral and debatable issue. Controversial marketing is a part of the risk game, but sometimes it gives a wrong public image and hurt its customers. Since now careem has been successful in getting the entire ‘good and bad ’PR for its own benefit. This controversial issue of rishta campaign has just taken a hailstorm on the social media and will be in the news stories for a sometime.

Let’s just give an end to this story, careem is advised to look into this matter as it has offended its female users by such marketing technique. The services can be trendy but should not offend the culture and build up a new controversy in the society. It is a big deal as they think. But it actually has pointed out the issue of rishta culture in Pakistani society with a shock for all women. Shocking response was obvious from the users, as the careem users don’t want their service to be an evil genius in promoting such controversies and taboos of our society.