This ‘Burger Wala’ deserves a moment of recognition and 15 minutes of your lunch

Inspiring story of Burger Wala Entrepreneur

When we talk about altruism there are people who deserve it and people who ask for it. We never realize that the people who deserve are those who seldom ask for it. I came across one such example, this guy, Ahmed Imran, explicitly narrated in a post shared by him. He visited Barkat Market (Model Town Lahore) during one of his routine ventures where he met this extraordinary gentleman. This polite as the ever gentleman was no rich, influential personality but just a roadside vendor who owns Grill Hut , a small burger joint. He ordered a chicken burger with fries costing him around some two hundred rupees which is nothing compared to how you get ripped off at places like Hardees, Burger King, etc. The burger was divine. It was exquisitely appetizing for such an unfamiliar and small place.

While talking to the burger wala , Ahmed discovered how he used to work in a fast food restaurant at the age of 16 and since then dreamt of having his own restaurant . He was very gratefully satisfied because of the fact that he had materialized his dream and it was working just fine for him to make his ends meet. Although he is not earning profusely and only breaking even, he works with perseverance and keenness. His dedication and resolution is notable and he has no grievances about himself. His confidence has no hint of greed or melancholy. He did not seek any kind of charity in the form of a tip or any other favor, nor did he ask for it. All he asked for in a very pleading and humble manner was – ‘Sir ! Kindly tell your friends and relatives that you enjoyed the burger’. Such was the level of his modesty. All of us should commend him on the fact that instead of begging for tips, he wants to earn it through sheer hard work.

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All of you should go and visit him and you’ll be amazed to find out that how meticulously he works and how particular he is regarding hygiene.  We are all junk foodies. Many of us do not give a second thought while wasting money on food. Why not put our taste where someone can benefit from it. Make it your new economical hang out spot because people like him, need our encouragement. Why shop exclusively all the time. Barkat Market might not be your average dine out place but people like him deserve recognition. We should support such struggling entrepreneurs so they don’t lose faith in striving hard for their dreams. There is so much to learn from such humble entities. Satisfaction comes from making your peace with what you have and easily satisfied people go a long way.

This burger wala did not have much to look forward to when he worked as a waiter at the tender age of 16 but his determination got him this far so let’s give him 15 minutes of our lunch time someday as an applaud.

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