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Be Crooked Be Successful

The meaning of crooked is “bent or twisted, out of shape or out of place” while the definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. By these definitions, one can assume that in simple words you need to bend yourself to get your goal/aim accomplished. But on the other hand, it is not identified that you use which particular way to get success.

Everybody has his own view of the word: For some success is earning lots of money, for others success is living a lavish life, some say success is to compete for somebody with intellect, some measure success in the amount of knowledge they have, some think success is being popular, for some success is achieving their desired goal, while some say success is to have a strong faith and a splendid knowledge regarding their religion, and for some the inner peace and satisfaction is the actual success.

In all those definitions of success, the means by which one can become successful is not written. Some claim that if you are humble, it’s nothing in life you cannot achieve. Undoubtedly a right statement. But in a world where we live in one needs to be crooked if one wants to be successful. The questions arise why? Does being humble was not enough to be a successful person? The answer here comes A clear No! It’s a famous proverb “You need to be much clever if you want your work to be done” This is at the same point where you on being so nice and straight are taken advantage off. A famous quotation is quoted here: “Don’t be too straight in this world as straight trees are chosen for cutting first”

But Crook itself has two meanings. This statement gives different directions as if we see bending in a way of showing humbleness or we take it as a negative term by which you can be successful through illegal ways. This category belongs to those who measure success with wealth. Unfortunately, the other meaning is given more priority but at the same time, we cannot point every wealthy man to use illegal ways to be wealthy. Because hard work and good luck also play an important role.

Sometimes luck and talent play an important role in getting success. As it is sheer luck when you win a lottery and earn lots of money but does that mean you were crooked in that way? Probably No. Personalities like Bill Gates- world’s richest man, Michael Jackson- top pop musician and singer along with many other examples including our writers, our actors, our revolutionists. Among so many ambitious and talented renowned personalities. It is obvious to assume that it was not that easy to be on the positions these successful people are.

In a nutshell, Success doesn’t have any criteria or it does not explain the means by which one man can become successful rather each one of us has a different definition and a different approach to it. I agree that Be Crooked and Be Successful is a right thing to say because You need to show flexibility and you need to bend yourself for the sake of your ambitions to be achieved.

Article By: Safoora Khalid