Meet Aisha Mughal: Pakistan’s first transgender teacher at a local university

Aisha Mughal Pakistani first transgender teacher at university

Pakistan is a very religious and cultural country. The people of this country are very strong and stubborn in their beliefs. Most of them refuse to accept any change in their cultural norms and do anything to make sure nothing intervenes with their ideas. Similarly, there are certain norms and concepts about the transgender community of Pakistan. They are not considered equal to the other members of the community. They face severe trouble in finding jobs and are constantly looked down upon. That is something very outrageous because they are humans just like everyone of us and they have feelings just like everyone. It is unacceptable that people consider them lower than themselves. There have been several instances and news where the transgender community has been targeted and killed in the country. However, recently with each passing generation, there has been a noticeable change in the thinking of the people of Pakistan. They are becoming more flexible and accepting change more easily than their ancestors ever could. Even our religion tells us to be more kind and not judge people by any of their qualities.

Recently there has been some very impressive news for Pakistan. A local university has appointed the first transgender teacher. This is huge news for the whole transgender community. This shows that the Pakistani people are becoming more and more acceptable of the transgender community and are accepting them based on their merit rather than which gender or class they belong to. However, it is shocking that we are in the 21st century and the first transgender has become acceptable, now after such a long time. This is reflective of the mindset and thinking of the people who are working or studying at the university. They are open-minded and are willing to accept anyone and everyone irrespective of their gender, or anything else in that matter. More importantly, it is not just the response of the university towards Aisha Mughal; it is also how the general public of Pakistan responded to this news.  This is a change in itself that people have accepted this huge news with great warmth and showed support for the university that took this incredible step towards a great change in Pakistan. Especially the younger generation is very accepting and generally supportive of ideas that were previously hated or looked down upon by the elders.

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This may seem like a very far-fetched thing to some, but as a whole, for the country, this is a big deal. This shows that in the near future, more doors of opportunity will open up for the transgender community. It will be easier for them, more now than ever, to secure jobs and feel safe in any work environment. We just need to keep working together towards the betterment of their community to make their life easier and to remove that general feeling of unacceptability for them from the hearts of the Pakistani people. This will help us grow as an economy and even more as a country.