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7 Best Startup at Silicon Valley by Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Pakistani Startups making Remarkable achievements in Silicon Valley

The tech relation between top Pakistani startups and Silicon Valley is getting stronger day by day. Silicon Valley in California is a dream world for every tech entrepreneur including the best Pakistani startups as the startups operating in Silicon Valley astonish the world with their unique ideas and presenting valuable solutions of the daily life problems.  You will be glad to know that more than 12,500 Pakistanis are working in Silicon Valley and the part of Pakistani startups in it is really appreciable. They aren’t only brightening up the name of Pakistan in the world because of their splendid achievements, but the credit of high pace of tech progress in Pakistan also goes to these startups. The article will bring in the limelight the best Pakistani startups in Silicon Valley.

Pakistani Startups in Silicon Valley:

Here is the List of Top 7 Pakistani Startups in Silicon Valley.

1. FireEye

Security from cyber attacks is the demand of every small or big company. Pakistani native Azhar Aziz worked on this idea and came up with cloud-based products which ensure the protection of company’s sensitive data from malicious cyber attack. To transform the idea into the reality, FireEye initiated funding campaign and raised $100 million funds with the help of Silicon Valley Bank, Sequoia Capital, and Goldman Sachs. The company is offering valuable solutions for:

  • Enterprise networking
  • Incident investigation
  • Data center
  • Critical infrastructure security

2. Convo

A Pakistani creative mind, Faizan Buzdar launched Covo in 2005 in Islamabad aiming to eliminate the communication barriers among teams. The multi-platform social network grabbed the attention worldwide and received much appreciation due to its benefits. Convo   increases the collaboration of the teams and lets them share videos, PDF files, presentations, and images. Morgenthaler Ventures gave $5 million funds to encourage the Convo team and eliminate the financial barriers in the transformation of such a productive idea.  You can judge the success of Convo from the following statistics:

  • 15,000 clients
  • Providing services in 150 countries
  • Endorsed by President Obama in his tweet

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3. Caremerge

Caremerge is another best Pakistani startup that has changed the perception of healthcare interaction in Silicon Valley. Asif Khan, the CEO and founder of Caremerge personally experienced the trouble of lack of communication with the doctors during his mother’s illness.  The frustration motivated him to move forward and develop an Mobile app named Caremerge that engages doctors and family members by providing them doctor’s location, phone number, and other necessary information.  More functions are being added up in the app while recently the app is performing below-mentioned functions:

  • User can add tags as reminders for medical staff
  • You can create individual electronic calendar
  • Emergency contacts can be added
  • Relatives can view and give feedback

4. Swaggable

Adnan Aziz is the founder and CEO of Swaggable. He has an impressive profile with working experience in Google, AdMob, and First Flavor Inc. The working experience encouraged and helped him crafting the idea of Swaggable and soon he enlisted Swaggable in the list of the best Pakistani startups. The app helps the companies to find out right customers and right products. The app helps you in different ways and has various beneficial features.

  • It helps you in refining your search products
  • Find out the most effective products
  • Free samples
  • Share your experience

5. KeepTruckIn

KeepTruckIn is an amazing Mobile app used by the American truck drivers. Khushnood Qadir, Shoaib Makani, and Shaneed Kamran are the Pakistani young minds behind this app. The app provides the right solution to truck drivers’ problems regarding security and communication. Real-time alerts and IFTA fuel tax reporting are some distinguishing features of KeepTruckIn while the other features are given below.

  • Automatic log audit
  • GPA Tracking and view history facility
  • Messaging facility between drivers and dispatch
  • Electronic Logbook App for writing complaints
  • Reports generation facility for making better service


It will be unjust to forget the name of in the list of top Pakistani startups in Silicon Valley. Faheem Ul Haq and Naeem Ul Haq are the Co-founder, CEO and CEO of respectively. The startup specifically designed for computer science students and software developers.

  • Interactive courses for software development
  • Well-researched data
  • Better resources to get better work in software development

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The unique idea of remote interview enables the to win the award of ‘Best Startup award’ in P@sha while the benefits enlist it in top Pakistani startups.  Munir Usman is behind this idea and aims to solve the online interview and hiring problems of software developers from distant areas. The software is being used all over the world and HRs terms it the best solution of their problem.

  • Better hiring and screening
  • Right candidate for right position
  • Save money and time
  • Coding window for writing and executing code