Recalling 50 Proud Achievements of Pakistan in 2015

The very first thing that pops up into one’s mind after listening the Word “Pakistan” is terrorism and one feels that Pakistan is a place where stone age prevails, Where nothing but bombing and killing take place in every hour, where women are suppressed and where children are forced to beg and to do the labor but reality is quite far from such perceptions. I am not overlooking the bad things that took place in Pakistan but the good impression and achievements must also not be forgotten. Therefore, I have compiled 50 great and proud achievements of Pakistan during the year 2015 which will show you a very different picture of Pakistan

         1. Shoaib Malik first Pakistani to score 5000 runs in T20 Cricket format.Shoaib Malik T20 Record in 2015

      2. 25 Years old Salman Ahmed won Mr Musclemania trophy for Pakistan in Las Vegas.

Salman Ahmad won Mr Musclemania trophy

        3. Pakistani Men Are Third On The World’s Sexiest List.Pakistani's are Third On The World's Sexiest List.

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