5 Homemade Drinks Pakistani Entrepreneurs Should use this Summer

Being an entrepreneur and running your startup requires hard work and working day and night, regardless of the circumstances to make it to the top. On maximum, an entrepreneur works almost 18 to 19 hours of the day. Nowadays, the biggest problem faced by them is the scorching heat of Pakistan. One finds it very tough to work in summers with continuous energy and enthusiasm. In Pakistan, this problem is further complicated by the 10 to 12 hours of load shedding a day. If you are one such person failing to cope with the hot weather, then you should try these local easy to make Desi drinks to keep yourself hydrated and energetic all the day.

Punjabi Lassi Drink in Summers
Punjabi Lassi Drink

Punjabi Lassi:

No drink can be as refreshing as a glass of lassi. Whether it’s sweet lassi (meethi lassi) or saltish, this drink is loved by everyone for its cooling and energizing effect. Add some water to fresh yogurt with a dash of salt and crushed ice and gulp down this amazing drink to get recharge. If you have a sweet tooth, then you can opt for meethi lassi by replacing the water and salt with sugar and milk respectively.

Mint Lemonade Homemade drink
Mint Lemonade Drink

Mint Lemonade:

Mint has got several benefits; especially it’s cooling effect on the body. Add fresh mint leaves to crushed ice, water, a little bit of lemon, some salt, and sugar. The resulting refreshing mint lemonade will give you a sudden burst of energy.

Sardai Thandai Drink in Summer
Sardai Drink


The traditional almond drink of Punjab, Sardai, not only keeps you cool but also provides you the energy needed for unstoppable hard work. Plan this drink a night ahead as you have to soak the almonds overnight and blend them the other day to make a fine paste. Just mix it with some milk, sugar, and cardamoms and the drink is ready. Garnish with some pistachios for an extra punch.

Shikanjabeen Drink in Summers
Shikanjabeen Drink


Shikanjabeen is the local name for lemonade. The easiest to make and the most popular drink in summers. Blend fresh lemons, sugar, a little salt and pepper with water and your shikanjabeen is ready. No need to peel the lemons to get extra flavor. Pour out in a glass and pop up a lemon slice on the glass rim.

Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat in Summers
Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat

Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat:

Do you have a craving for something chilled but tangy as well? So here is the perfect drink for you. Imli aloo bukhara drink is famous for the healthy benefits of imli (tamarind) and aloo bukhara (dried plum) in summers. Soak imli, aloo bukhara and some dried apricots overnight. Remove the seeds and blend them to make a paste. Cook it along with some water and sugar and let it cool down. Just mix it with some water, loads of crushed ice and black salt.