4 innovative Startups that one can Dream about in 2018

There has been a lot of innovation this year in technology which carved a new niche in the market, and is progressing now to attract people in innovative ways making devices compatible for both IOS and Android devices. Some of the innovative start-ups are:

Bluesmart: Your Personal Travel Assistant!

Bluesmart Internet connected Travel Bag

Travelling somewhere?

Checklist: Suitcase, clothes, toiletries, charger, laptop…..the list is endless, Dilemma?

One suitcase thousand things. What to pack? What’s the fun in travelling when you have so much stress with your packing? To ease your worries Bluesmart introduces the easiest, trendiest suitcase that solves all your problems. The first carry-on that connects to your smart phone with revolutionary features; includes a digital lock, proximity sensors, location tracking, built-in-digital scale and if this ain’t enough it includes a built-in-battery that can charge your phone six times over.

The built-in-digital scale helps you to weigh you carry-on and check whether it is approved by the airline. You just have to hold the handle and the app will tell you the exact weight. Moreover, forget about keys and combinations when it allows you to lock your carry-on from your phone and when due to any reason you part your ways with your Bluesmart, it automatically locks itself.

Can’t find your phone charger? No need to panic. Bluesmart will recharge your electronic devices with its powerful built-in battery; your phone is never going to run out of battery. Amazing, No? But what if your luggage is missing? Not a problem anymore, Bluesmart alerts you if you ever leave it behind and you can track its location if you ever lost it. Saves your trip from being ruined.

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But wait! A suitcase with so many features: is that even possible?

Yes, a group of friends from South America, Asia and the USA shared a passion of travelling and made this possible as they figured out that since several decades suitcase haven’t much of innovation and re-imagined how a suitcase for this century should be. The case and app are both compatible with IOS and Android devices plus the team is working on smart watch compatible app. The beautiful, dominant product, remarkably easy to use allows you to track your trips and trends and becomes your personal travel assistant.

FLIC :- Perform any action with a simple click

Flic Wireless Smart Button

Imagine if you didn’t have to get up to switch off the lights? Or you didn’t have to get your phone out for every single thing? What if there was a simple way to interact with your voices?  Well there is.

Flic is a wireless button that connects with your IOS and Android devices so instead of going to your phone or switch board you simply press the button. You can stick flic anywhere you want like on your bike where it helps you to track locations. It is great for any situation where you need to quit and discreet shortcut. Like avoid a date with fake calls?Another great feature of flic is that it can be much more than a shortcut to your phone like a safety device where with just a push of your button you send live updates of your location or even a distress signal to your family and friends. For all these functions you just have to open your app press the button and select the function you need on your flic button like a camera or a photographer, yes flic can be your personal photographer with just a simple click.

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A Swedish team of entrepreneurs and engineers created this stick-on shortcut button which you can carry anywhere you and stick anywhere you want.

TrackR Bravo: Your search is over

Track your phone, wallet, keys withTrackR

After five years of research and development a small wireless device was created by Chris and Christian to help us keep track of our items using a smart phone eliminating the need of spending 20 minutes or more to search for lost item. TrackR Bravo is small coin sized device that easily attaches to a purse, slips inside your wallets, sticks to your bike or attaches to anything you would like to track. Using this app you can easily see how far you are from your item and with a tap of a finger you can ring your device.

Can’t find your phone? Press the button on your device causes your phone to ring even on the silent mode. Furthermore, if your lost item is within 100 feet of your location the crowd GPS network will send an update of where your item was last seen. This device can also be used as a collar mark for your pets so that they don’t give you a hard time running away.

TrackR Bravo is the slimmest and most elegant tracking device created by the world’s largest crowd GPS network with custom ring tones and customizable alert settings. So when you LOST IT? YOU FIND IT.

Z-Board: Underneath your feet

The ZBoard Electric Skateboard

Easy to ride and a lot more fun. Three years ago to a group of mechanical and electrical engineers with their teams set to design a Z-Board, the world’s first weight-sensing electronic skate board. Z-board is a portable easy to use skate board. To ride your just lean forward to go and lean back to stop with variable speeds.

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You just grab it and go as it is really perfect for any trip that is too far to walk but too short to drive with lighter and slimmer battery reducing recharge duration. Its efficient motor is faster than ever power features like head lights, tail lights, and regenerated braking, allows you to enjoy the ride to the fullest even when its dark and you can even safely descend hills

So speed-up your commute, forget about parking and enjoy running on expeditions, adventures, operations with the most portable electric vehicle in the market.