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Top 30 Essential Qualities of Great Leaders – Best Leadership Qualities and Skills

Top 30 Qualities of Great Leaders - Top Leadership Qualities


The debate about the topic of leadership has been made so far many times, dialogues are made to define exactly what leadership is! There are numerous definitions giving the meaning of leadership to find out about the qualities of an effective leadership. Many experts have given views about the characteristics of great leaders.

 A Brief Overview of leadership

In some views, it is about a certain strong leadership traits or characteristics. Some define it as skills or expertise and knowledge of all aspects. Leadership can be taken as a responsibility, a role possibly to lead others and make them follow certain paths. Leadership greatly emphasize on building relationships and communicating with people to achieve goals. It is basically a collective effort by individuals to achieve even the hardest tasks. It influences people to get motivated and make struggles to achieve the desired purpose. An organized group of activities are involved in leading examples for followers and coming to the front facing challenges. Leadership is about a vision, character, loyal relations, integrity, discipline, and perspective in mind. A relationship between the leader and its people is developed with trust, emotional intelligence, understanding, and shared vision.

30 Qualities that make a Great Leader:

The Following 30 Qualities can make you an Effective Leader.

1. Disciplined

This is the ideal quality of any successful leader. If we throw a light in the reign of ancient rulers, they used to have discipline in domestic matters, battlefields, delegation room, chamber meetings and to walk in the public streets.

Likewise, a good leader is one who follows and make his life in a disciplined way and to make other to follow the same.

This is the quality of a great leader to carry out a successful business by creating vision and passion to pursue it.  The ability to successfully lead towards the ideology is another unique quality. A leader must have the potential to turn a dream into reality. Leaders are the key elements in any society being responsible for building good relationships.

2. Strong Vision & Mission

A leader is one who knows the vision and mission and where to go, shows the path to others and makes it possible. Leadership is not about satisfying personal greed, it is the privilege to make others’ lives better. Possessing a strong vision and mission compels a leader to pursue it until it is achieved.

3. Strategic Management

Good leaders can develop good subordinates or employees to develop better results. Strategic management is a good policy to lead any organization. Management is about doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. The secret to success is a good leadership and good leadership is all about making the lives of team members and workers better.

4. Strong Teamwork Skills

Leaders can set a good example for others and emphasize towards teamwork to realize organizational goals. Leaders are responsible for taking the authority in any assigned task or hard challenge.

5. Self-Starter

A leader must be self-motivated to initiate a spark among his followers and let them determine their energies to do endless efforts.

6. Confident About Goals

One of the best qualities of a successful leader lies in his confidence, he should be confident enough to follow his dreams and set even bigger goals. We can also put humiliation under this point. The reason behind adding this point is to get you know that HUMILITY is also the main factor which compels you to rectify your mistakes and to bring reasonable productive outcomes. Those outcomes could be creative ones and can turn your ideas into an invention.

The more your ego hurts inside more you get motivated.

7. Effective communication Skills

Holding strong communication skills among the leading person and his team is equally important which keeps them connected to participate fully. In this way, they can gain exceptional achievements. The art of communication is the language of leadership.

8. Generous to others

The leader must be generous enough to be trusted by others, such a quality will help him identify better opportunities for all. If you are genuinely in the interest of benefitting and participating for the welfare of the people it should be reflected in the personality.

9. Determination

Staying focused and determined to achieve the goals is one fair trait of the successful leader. When you are strong footed and won’t back off after the first failure, you will surely get the reward in your life. They look at defeat as an opportunity for success. Successful entrepreneurs do not believe that something cannot be done.

10. An inspirational personality

An influential and charismatic leader always leads to a successful future. Defining a set of rules and starting each day with motivation and determination influences the people, which set an ideal example for others. A graceful person, full of dignity and positive thinking can engage others in performing useful tasks.

11. Creativity in generating ideas

Creativity is another characteristic of a successful leader which is sometimes by birth, but can be developed with practice and guidelines and performing several experiments.

A leadership keeps him engaged in effective working and collaborative thinking and allows each and every one to share his views. This could work better in persuading the people, as they had a trustful relationship between them.

12. Passionate about their goals

Passionate leaders keep on motivating others and work for future goals. Leadership is not about next election, it’s about next generation. A powerful team can be determined to set standards and goals.

13. Strong work ethics

Some ethics and rules define a strength of a leader; a positive frame of mind can save lives from the wrong path and can help in a sustainable life and perfect business choice too. Doing things simple can do what you want.

14. A Role model

A good leader plays a role model character in his team and knows how to achieve goals and what things to act upon. It is quite difficult to have a positive impact on others, but a skillful leader can do so. He can motivate his team and can enable them to achieve greatness in life.

15. Responsible for setbacks

Great leaders have certain things in common; one of them is being responsible. A leader takes up the responsibility in case of any setbacks or mistakes. He never leaves his people abandoned facing the unwanted challenges. They lead from the front! They never blame others for any negative feedback, but listen to others views calmly.

16. Optimistic Approach

Great leaders stay positive whatever the situation is, even in the worst ones. Their positive attitude can keep the aims high and create a happy comfortable environment for others. They appreciate their teammates and never let them down. It keeps the morale high and a positive work approach comes in every mind.

 17. Decision-making skills

Great leaders learn from the mistakes of the past, they apply new points for making decisions correctly and learn from experiences. A good decision can prove to be a positive action at work. Well organized leaders recall memories and make corrections to wrong doings.

18. Committed to Work

A good leader is always committed to his work. He devotedly works for his profession and leads others by example. Making promises to others is easy, but it’s hard enough to come up with the commitment and build a trustworthy relation.

19. Mentally Independent

Leaders are always independent; they can never rely on others for performing their work and duty. This trait helps them in self-reliance and creating a positive energy from within to lead any organization or make others follow them.

20. Socially skilled

Leaders are socially skilled, they know how to effectively address at public, and they never feel reluctant facing others. This specific quality makes them a huge fan following on social media or other sources.

21. Honest

Honesty is the best policy. Everyone knows this, but only a great leader can apply this policy and perform well. Coming up to the expectations of people isn’t that easy task, honest to your people and followers is important enough.20.

22. Focused on achieving goals

Focus on goals, work effectively for them, until you achieve them. Good leaders have the vision to see into the future, so they focus on their priorities helping others to be better.

23. Future-oriented

Future-oriented leaders can idealize a perfect life. They can imagine greatness and can achieve it possibly. Thinking about the next generation and keeping first things first is what they do.

24. Inspirational Thoughts

Great leaders act as a source of inspiration for others keeping themselves organized and highly skilled to do anything. They can achieve even in lesser time if they want to. Hoping a perfect future and thinking about accomplishment makes them, even more, excite to do much more effectively.

25. Fair leaders

Fair leaders are the best choice to be followed; as they work with such integrity and honesty that everything turns out to be in their favor.

26. Open-minded

Open-minded persons can make better leaders, having the adaptability to changes through time. This could be a positive quality in a good leader. Flexible enough to manage in any environment or whatever comes their way.

27. Passion for learning

Intentional learners and good readers can prove as good leaders; as such people stay up to date with their surroundings and keep them motivated with the learning process thoroughly.

Empowerment comes with the positive approach which results in effective choices and productivity. A leader could lead with a good example and give other equal opportunities to communicate and build long term relationships. Such examples can lead society towards the better side and positive thinking!

28. Fearless

Leaders often receive ditching reviews from the other competitors which make a point of humility for the leader. The great leader who stands up to show something out of the box possesses fearless eyes. This characteristic of a good leader is important when you are the only one struggling in your own venture, you need to be fearless to make bold decisions, no matter how big the decision is and would be.

Fearlessness can make you through to the bumpy rocky roads in your life which have suffered in the early stage of your project life.

29. Effective Strategy Making

The starting point of anything relies on its strategy. Strategic planning is one of the important leadership strength. This is not an outcome of anything but it’s just an initial stage which you can form from your planning. Planning is not attributed to the strategy as these both terms belong to the same class. This characteristic will show a creative or spontaneous mindset of a leader and how he/she can strategise the project.

30. Market Anticipation Skills

Only a great leader can anticipate the future market. Anticipation and to predict the future market is not an Art, Creativity, however, it all depends on the mental capacity that how sharp and furiously your simple mind can turn into a mastermind. Leaders with a great farsightedness can manage the current market easily and become an intellectual.

Final Words

All the above-listed traits of a good leader can be inside you and all that you need is to explore and ignite to sparkle with your creativity. How many of these traits you actually possess? Are you ready to make these success traits be a part of your life if you want to ahead of many people? These essential characteristics you must have if you want to be an extraordinary and to come up with an innovative approach.