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21 Pakistani Entrepreneurs Attended The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit In Silicon Valley

2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit
GES 2016 Image Credits: i1os

Over 700 entrepreneurs and 300 investors from around the world participated in the 7th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley. The U.S president, Barack Obama hosted the event which was held from June 22 – 24 at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

Seven years ago, only 19 weeks into his Presidency, President Obama committed to holding a Global Entrepreneurship Summit each year to implement his vision of strong ties between the entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors in the United States and around the whole world. Since then, almost 17,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and different business stakeholders from around the world have attended the global summit to exchange and support different business ideas.

The event’s most exciting moment was the one-hour discussion on stage between President Obama and three young entrepreneurs along with Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg where they had an informative chit-chat on their aspirations and the challenges they face.

The event was graced by the presence of many renowned entrepreneurs from around the world who spoke about their ventures, experiences, and challenges. The speakers included CEOs of Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Uber, Google, and AOL. Renowned Pakistani tech entrepreneur Ms. Jehan Ara, owner of the famous incubator Nest I/O, was also the speaker at the event and she had a chance to speak about entrepreneurship in South Asia and Pakistan. The Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board, Dr. Umar Saif also officially represented Pakistan at the Summit and he talked about his technological ventures like Plan9, PlanX, and TechHub Connect.

Almost 5,000 entrepreneurs from around the globe submitted applications for participation in which 700 participants were selected. The selected entrepreneurs represented 170 countries from nearly all the regions of the world. They belonged to diverse fields like health, education, technology, and energy industries.

Pakistan sent a major foreign delegation which included some of the country’s talented and innovative tech entrepreneurs. They came forward with many unique and promising ideas some of which are worth mentioning like DoctHERS, Travly, She Kab, and Smac Factory.

“DoctHERS” is a healthcare platform which empowers the female doctors to work from their homes treating the patients through “teleclinics” using MD consults and Skype. It is a facilitation for the patients belonging to remote areas giving them affordable treatment and also an opportunity for the female doctors to maintain a balance between their careers and home.

“She Kab” is the Pakistan’s first shared taxi service for women. It is a safe and reliable transport service run by women for the working women.

“Travly” is related to the urban transportation and logistics services by providing a one-stop platform for all transportation and logistics needs. You just need to plan your day, book your ride, and travel all the day with ease.

“Smac Factory” is related to the field of education, and it is the social collaboration of teachers, parents, students, and institutions to share real-time information with each other. The teachers can perform their day-to-day tasks with ease on their mobiles and laptops and at the same time, they can also share the information with parents, students, or other staff members.

The participation of 21 Pakistani entrepreneurs clearly speaks about the enormous talent in the country, and they have returned their homes even more confident, better, with more knowledge and financial support to grow their businesses.