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11 Best Tools to increase your productivity as an Entrepreneur

Fortunately technology around us makes our daily to do tasks much easier by just a clicking an option in a moment. Although to accomplish any task is not as much effortless because it needs you to do multitasking. It transforms your work habits by managing the workload through some tech tools without decreasing the productivity. These tools aid to manage time easily and to keep a record of responsibilities in a precise manner.

So a question arises in your mind; how do successful entrepreneurs manage to get their work done? Well the answer is a bit catchy! Obviously they must have some tactics and special tools to run their business successfully. However, it’s crucial to select the best tools according to your work demand. Given below, are some recommended tools which will help you to become a successful entrepreneur!

1. Evernote:

It’s an app which helps to establish different digital notebooks as per your need. It can keep record of your expenses, manage your upcoming meetings’ schedules, making presentation’s slide show, handling all the snapshots in a single place to quickly remind you of important tasks, relieving the urgency of sorting! All you can do is to collect notes and access them whenever you need and wherever you need!

2. Workflow:

This app allows time management top run your business smoothly by utilizing your time effectively. It enables you to create any kind of button for any activity you want to perform with a simple click, ensuring the task done. You can do it on regular basis or whenever you need to during your hectic schedules.

3. Bidsketch:

This tool saves hours of sorting, assessing and designing marketing proposal for your company. Bidsketch allows you to create professional proposals in minutes.

4. Invision:

It assist you in gauging interest of people, development of work plan, assessment of feedback responses from audience.It’s really helpful in launching your ideas and testing them vs. audience response!

5. Letterspace:

an imperative free note taking app, which help entrepreneurs organize their thoughts in easily understandable manner. It serves as an organizer to make beneficial decisions for future.

6. Water:

Hydration is the thing which is very important to keep your body and mind work smoothly! Taking 2 gallons of water keeps you enough hydrated on daily basis!

7. Listen:

It’s an innovative app which is used to respond your phone calls automatically while you’re busy to attend phone. It also includes automated SMS reply feature that enables to respond SMS and calls both. In drive mode, you can put up a status message informing callers while you’re driving.

8. Dropbox:

It is important to backup large amount of data and keep it safe even if you’ve deleted it from your computer. It is really helpful in sharing files and other data too.

9. Product Hunt:

It is a great tool to find about recently released products gives you an insight about your own product evaluation. Product Hunt is an online community where people can submit and get latest technology products.

10. Basecamp:

It is used on daily basis for project management. Basecamp is a project management tool which allows you to manage your team with different roles and responsibilities to achieve common goals.

11. Pen and paper:

The more complicated strategies can easily be formulated and designed by using this important tool!

It’s been said the more the journey difficult, the more is the reward! This goes right in case of start-ups. It’s your battle in which you to learn as well to establish yourself as an individual competitor as well.