Top 10 Most Inspiring Young Female Entrepreneurs in Pakistan 2019

Top 10 Most inspiring Young Female Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Gradually and steadily, women in Pakistan are taking part in the economy and marking their name in different industries. Currently, there has been a rise in women’s participation in technologically induced entrepreneurship. Incubation companies in Pakistan have allowed them to achieve their goals and cause a tech revolution in Pakistan, which is, proudly enough, lead by women. This has made women dependence ratio decline since more and more women are providing for themselves. They are exploring themselves and their abilities, which are taking them to new heights. Proud to say, the country is on the road to becoming more open-minded and will have to adjust to the concept of women working for themselves.

Most Successful Young Entrepreneurs in Pakistan:

Here is the list of Top 10 most successful young women entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Sidra Qasim Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

1. Sidra Qasim

(Founder: Markhor)

Sidra and Waqas give us hope and have become a huge success story of Pakistani entrepreneurs. Their startup, Markhor, took the traditional side of Pakistani shoe industry, global just with the use of the Internet. They started their startup with just working with local craftsmen in Okara but their idea took a serious turn when they got a hefty grant from Google, which motivated them, further. Within 3 years their startup was a huge success and they were able to magnify their local shoe making industry to a global scale, expanding to the extent that they now have designers based in San Francisco as well. Their startup became the first to be accepted in the Silicon Valley accelerator.

Arusha Imtiaz Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

2. Arusha Imtiaz:

(Founder: Edjunction)

The most common issues that create a gap between parents and their children are when the children start going to school. Most parents are unaware of what their children do in school, whether they are performing well, taking part in other activities or not. This is where the Pakistani female entrepreneur Arusha Imtiaz, comes in. with this brilliant idea of developing a connection between the parents and children, she has brought a huge change in the education system of Pakistan via technology. The start up, Edjunction, keeps the parents updated on their children’s activities, grades and acts as a bridge to their relationship.

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Sehr Said Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

3. Sehr Said

(Founder: BeautyHooked)

She is one of the top entrepreneurs of Pakistan. Her startup has proved to be quite helpful for several women out there; especially the brides-to-be. With so many makeups and salon options available on the market, one is bound to get overwhelmed with which one to go for or which one would be better suited for the look you want to get. Her startup, Beauty Hooked, makes it all easy for you girls! Her trusted team and ambassadors leave their recommendations after actually trying out the places themselves. That means they have seen and experienced the service and quality of the places and only then they are recommending it to everyone else. The best part, you also get flat discounts on service you book through the website!

Rameeza Moin Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

4. Rameeza Moin

(Founder: Transparent Hands)

She is one of the most inspiring women entrepreneurs of Pakistan. She is an educationalist and has been devoting her time to this field for 15 years. There are so many underprivileged people in Pakistan who are unable to provide for their family’s basic needs. This is when she got the idea and decided to help those who are unable to help themselves. Along with her brothers, she came with the idea to raise money through crowdfunding to help patients who cannot pay for the expensive treatments themselves. However, her idea kept being rejected until she came across Plan9, through which she was able to build her company Transparent Hands, which has helped a lot of patients to date.

Sana Khan Niazi Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

5. Sana Khan Niazi

(Founder: Paimona)

Even though her professional degree is in Accounting and Finance, she had the vision to do more than that and that was to become an entrepreneur in Pakistan. Knowing the skill that her country’s people have, she decided to take that and work with it to make Pakistani-produced furniture available in different parts of the world. She also worked on-stage with Anwar Maqsood but then, later on, went ahead to start her business, Paimona. She does not just design regular furniture but gives a modern edge to the traditional Pakistani furniture, which makes it more unique and in demand. She has sold large quantities through the business’ Facebook page and wants to globalize the “made in Pakistan” label.

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Saba Gul Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

6. Saba Gul 

Social Entrepreneur (Founder: Popinjay)

Her business idea is quite unique yet severely needed by the world and the conditions it is currently going through at the moment. She sets a perfect example of social entrepreneurship in Pakistan. She is an MIT graduate and got both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics as well as computer science. She has achieved a lot of success in very little time and is setting examples while doing so. Her entrepreneurial venture by the name of Popinjay used to be and NGO but later converted to a profit making handbag business, the embroidery for which is done by young girls so that the profits could be used to benefit those underprivileged girls by providing them with education.

Sihah Sheikh Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

7. Sihah Waris Sheikh:

(Founder: RiseMom)

Sihah Waris is a tech entrepreneur equipped with a strong command of business. Her life has been full of adventures. She was the president of the sports club at her university and the chief editor of a magazine. Her professional journey began when she launched Solugix Pvt Ltd. in 2013, an IT firm focusing on web development and design services, providing IT solutions to small and medium companies worldwide. In 2015, she was granted a scholarship to join the first batch of students at the Islamabad Chapter of the Founder Institute. She became the first female graduate of this prestigious entrepreneurship accelerator program and was even declared the “Top Founder” for her new startup, RiseMom. This startup focuses on enabling professional women to balance the demands of career advancement with the demands of motherhood, by creating a stress-free online daycare monitoring system. The online platform and mobile application connect working mothers to their kids through live video feeds and status updates about their child’s activities.

Sana Farooq Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

8. Sana Farooq

(Founder: The E-Learning Network)

Sana Farooq has been setting examples for every Pakistani girl who ever dared to dream big. She is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Pakistan. She is the chief officer for the startup in the UK by the name of ELN. Now the purpose of ELN is to help teachers provide better educational services to the students and allow them to produce better-learned and educated children. However, the best part is that they do not have to worry about any transportation costs to take courses, as it is online based. She is first from out country to be selected for the Blackbox Silicon Valley event, which is a huge achievement!

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Wajiha Kanwal Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

9. Wajiha Kanwal

Tech Entrepreneur (Founder:

Her husband and she are setting an example for entrepreneurship in Pakistan. She, along with her husband, came up with an excellent idea to start an online portal by the name of She was featured in the famous show “Idea Croron Ka” and was able to impress the judges with this unique idea so well, that they agreed to an investment of 1 Crore rupees. The best thing about this start up is the use of escrow payment method; this basically ensures that the customer will only pay for the product he or she has purchased when they are completely satisfied with it.

Shanza Khan and Rabab Fatima Young Pakistani Women Entrepreneur

10. Shanza Khan and Rabab Fatima

(Founder: Bolo Tech Software)

These two female entrepreneurs of Pakistan have come up with the most thoughtful and necessary software for that part of the Pakistani population, which the society usually tends to ignore. Their software is named Bolo Tech and caters to those people who face problems with speech. Pakistan lacks speech therapists and the ones who are practising, charge more than the majority of the population can afford. This software can help people in overcoming their speech problems, becoming more confident and help them grow in different aspects of their lives. More importantly, not only will it help a large number of people, it will also cost them next to nothing to overcome their speech difficulties.

Hope you really like our list of Most successful women entrepreneurs in Pakistan 2017. Feel free to comment or give feedback to improve our work.


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